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ButtKicker Amplifier C – Model BKA-130-C

ButtKicker Amplifier C – Model BKA-130-C

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Designed to power one mini-Concert or two mini-LFEs; includes wired remote control. The BKA-130-C amplifier is included with the ButtKicker Gamer2.

The BKA-130-C Mini ButtKicker Power Amplifier is the perfect power amplifier for one mini Concert ButtKicker or two mini LFE transducers. The BKA-130-C is a digital mono amplifier, fanless, convection cooled. The included wired remote makes it an ideal choice for single-seat installations, giving each seat individual control of the installed ButtKicker transducer.

The BKA-130-C has an RCA input and output for "chaining" the signal to multiple units. The BKA-130-C offers a variable high-cut filter from 40Hz to 160Hz, a low-cut filter of 25Hz, volume adjustment on the amplifier and the wired remote, a sleep mode to save energy and an output 5-way (banana jack).


Dimensions : 2,76" H x 7,5" L x 9,5" L
Frequency response: 10 - 300Hz
Output power: 90 watts RMS @ 2 ohms
45 watts RMS @ 4 ohms
Input sensitivity: 80 mVolt
Filter cutoff: 12 dB per octave
Poids : 7 lbs / 3,18 kg
Voltage : 120V ou 240V NON-SWITCHABLE

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