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ButtKicker Individual Seat Control System (BKA-130-C, 1 mini-CT)

ButtKicker Individual Seat Control System (BKA-130-C, 1 mini-CT)

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The ButtKicker Individual Seat Control System™ is the ultimate in home theater customization. Bring powerful, realistic and accurate bass to your home theater. And, the ability to control each seat individually! Works with all brands of home theater seats, take your recliners to the next level.

Individual seat control
The included BKA-130-C power amplifier comes with a wired remote control. Now every seat in your theater can customize the ButtKicker experience. You want a more stunning tactile response; turn up the sound. Know that everyone can precisely adjust their favorite seat.

ButtKicker lets your entire cinema enjoy it.

Each BKA-130-C power amplifier includes an RCA output to daisy-chain the signal between the seats. Add additional individual seat control system kits to enable the ButtKicker system throughout your theater.

Easy Installation - Includes 1 BK-CMAK mounting kit valued at $39.95.


Now includes the new ButtKicker Couch Chair mounting kit, which allows for easier installation on all chairs. Simply attach the mini Concert to the CMAK plate and place it under a leg of your chair. See the CMAK instruction guide.

Installation is child's play. Simply attach the ButtKicker mini Concert transducer to the frame of your chair. Then simply place the BKA-130-C amplifier under or behind your chair. The quick start guide simplifies installation and our technical service is always ready to answer your questions.

High quality cable set, a value of $15.95.

This kit includes all the necessary cables to connect to most home theater systems, game consoles and televisions. It includes an RCA "Y" adapter, a 1m male to male RCA cable and a "speaker level interface adapter" for connection to your home theater or gaming system (whether it's whether it is a "pre-out" powered subwoofer output, a "passive" subwoofer output, or simply a "line out").


ButtKicker® Individual Seat Control System™ includes ButtKicker® Concert Mini Transducer, BKA-130-C Power Amplifier, Cable Set, 1 ButtKicker Couch Chair Mounting Kit
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