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Versatile replica fighter jet stick for games and flight simulations

About the product:
For the 10th anniversary of the HOTAS Warthog, Thrustmaster presents the F-16C Viper HOTAS Add-On Grip, a full-scale replica of the famous F-16C Viper grip.

The handle has 19 action buttons including 2 8-way hats, 1 4-way hat with push button, a metal trigger, 2 push buttons and 2 little finger push buttons. An 8-direction "point of view" hat completes the various entry possibilities for a high degree of realism.

From its life-size structure to the feeling of button pressure, this stick has been designed to be similar to a real F-16C Viper stick, an aircraft whose versatility seduces thanks to its adaptability in many combat situations. .

Natively integrated into the Digital Combat Simulator aerial simulation game, via the F-16C Hornet module, this replica allows you to dominate the sky and provide unparalleled ground support.

The handle is compatible with Hotas Cougar, Hotas Warthog and Hotas Magnetic Base (sold separately).

Key points:
1/1 scale replica of the F-16C Viper handle
100% metal design with durable industrial-grade materials for authentic feel and maximum durability.
19 action buttons and an eight-way "point of view" hat
Native integration in the DCS game (sold separately) via the dedicated "F-16C" module and compatible in all other Flight Sim games
Backward compatible with the two Thrustmaster joystick bases: Hotas Cougar* & Hotas Warthog (sold separately; *excluding button 19 activation).

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