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HOTAS Warthog Dual Throttles

HOTAS Warthog Dual Throttles

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Replica of the A-10C attack aircraft officially licensed by the U.S. Air Force, featuring dual throttle* and integrated control panel, for PC flight simulations.

Works with all joysticks on the market and with all games that accept multi-USB and throttles. Compatible: PC - Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8.

Throttle lever with Pull and Push system and disengageable Afterburner
The throttle part is also specific, with a dual throttle system allowing independent control of 2 motors: a locking system allows the 2 handles to be joined together or not. For this part also the magnetic sensor technology used (14-bit resolution and 16384 values on each controller) allows unparalleled precision. Switching to “Idle” and “Afterburner” positions is done via a Pull and Push system for even more realism. The Afterburner can be disengaged, which allows it to be perfectly adapted to the type of aircraft flown. The controllers have a total of seventeen action buttons, a "point of view" hat and a "mouse hat / slew control".

Double throttle (replica)
• Innovative technology H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology * innovative:
- 3D (Hall Effect) magnetic sensors on the 2 throttles: long-lasting surgical precision
- 14 bit resolution (16384 values) on each throttle
• USB connection with possibility of updating the firmware
• Double throttle lever with:
- metal hand rest
- Lock system
- adjustable friction system: firm, linear and fluid tension, without dead zone
- Realistic IDLE with "Pull & Push" system*
- Realistic disengageable AFTERBURNER with "Pull & Push" system
- realistic pressing force of buttons and switches
- 17 action buttons in total + 1 mouse hat with push button + 1 Chinese "point of view" hat with 8 directions:
1 x mouse hat with push button and 3D magnetic sensor (Hall Effect)
1 x 8 way hat
1 x 4 way hat with push button
1x push button
1 x 3-position switch (2 momentary + 1 permanent)
2 x 3-position switches (3 permanent)
1 x 3-position switch (1 momentary + 2 permanent)

1 control panel (replica)
• Weighted base (> 3.5 kg) incorporated under the throttle grips
• Function backlighting
• 5 programmable indicator lights
• Realistic pressing force of buttons and switches
• 15 action buttons in total + 1 TRIM wheel:
1x TRIM wheel
2 x push buttons
5 x 2-position switches (2 permanent)
2 x 3-position switches (1 momentary + 2 permanent)
2 x 3-position switches (3 permanent)

Logiciel de programmation : T.A.R.G.E.T (Thrustmaster Advanced pRogramming Graphical EdiTor
T.A.R.G.E.T (Thrustmaster Advanced pRogramming Graphical EdiTor). Téléchargeable gratuitement sur
To test, configure and program Thrustmaster® controllers: HOTAS Warthog™, MFD Cougar, HOTAS Cougar™ and T.16000M
Use of the “Drag and Drop” principle
Several levels of programming: Basic, Advanced and Script

* The letter an instance.

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