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Next Level Racing Challenger Cockpit + équipements

Next Level Racing Challenger Cockpit + équipements

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Sim Belgium offers you this Next Level Racing pack including its equipment:

  • Ensemble Next Level Racing Challenger Cockpit
  • Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition
  • Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals
  • TH8A Add-On Shifter - Gearbox 
  • Assembly and delivery included
Ready to take your circuit gaming experience to the next level? Get comfortable in the Next Level Racing Challenger Cockpit simulation set for enhanced racing immersion.
Securely attach your steering wheel, gear lever and pedals using the appropriate bolts (supplied). For even more aesthetics, you can gather up to 5 cables with its clip system.
Adapt the inclination of the seat, the height of the feet, the steering wheel, the distance of your pedals, etc. For an optimal driving position.
Connect to your console or PC and get ready for victory.

This pack is flexible and can be adapted according to your needs. Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions by email and we will send you a new price offer in return. 

Availability: On order 2 to 3 weeks

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email: or by telephone on 0486 13 65 44
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