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Pack Kit complet GT/Rally

Pack Kit complet GT/Rally

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This pack offers the ideal complete equipment to rediscover the sensations of car racing in rally and GT. The seat, frame and screen support of this pack can be replaced by their variants according to your tastes. Want to make your own configuration? Make your selection and take contact with SimBelgium.

Feel 100% the effects of your races thanks to the 49-inch curved Samsung screen accompanied by its 120Watt home cinema speakers. Totally optimized for Rally races, this pack is equipped with a specific steering wheel to comfortably enjoy the game over time. It has a Sparco MOD handbrake and a 2-way gearbox for even more sensations.

Dirt Rally and WRC 8 games that allow you to enjoy rallycross races through the most mythical places in the world with more than 50 different vehicles will be able to be exploited to the maximum. And this, thanks to the gaming PC AMD Ryzen 7-3700X(3.6 Ghz) Comes with keyboard and mouse. The "carbon" steel frame with its shifter holder is ideal for the Rally. As for the seat and the pedals, they can be adapted to your size thanks to a slide provided for this purpose.


✔︎ RSEAT RS1 Black Bucket Black
✔︎  Support Buttkicker
✔︎ Screen support 
✔︎  Support Vesa
✔︎ Speaker Support

✔︎ Shifter and handbrake support
✔︎ 1 SAMSUNG LC 49 inch screen
✔︎  PC CPU AMD Ryzen 7-3700X(3.6 Ghz) / 16Go DDR4 / 1To + SSD 256Go / Asus Gef. GTX 1660 6Go + Antivirus PC Norton
✔︎ Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad
✔︎ Speaker: Logitech Z533 - 120 Watt
✔︎  Thrustmaster Base / Volant TS-XW Racer Sparco P310
✔︎ Thrustmaster T-LCM crankset 
✔︎ Thrustmaster TH8A - Gearbox
✔︎ Thrustmaster Handbrake
✔︎  ButtKicker Gamer2

✔︎ Jeux DiRT Rallye - Assetto Corsa 
✔︎  Blocs multiprises
✔︎ Cable sheath 
✔︎ Assembly, installation and adjustment
✔︎ Programming the PC and its games
✔︎ Delivery Belgium / France
✔︎ Introduction to piloting
✔︎ Customizable pack 

Services included

✔︎ Assembly, installation and adjustment
All the parts are assembled meticulously in our workshop and allow you an optimal adjustment. The elements - seat, cockpit, screen, pedals, steering wheel and gearbox - are adjusted and tested before being delivered to you. We proceed to the assembly in a few days and use a bridge similar to that of the mechanics.

✔︎ Programming the PC and its games
The PCs are assembled in our workshops. Their configuration is much superior and is designed to accommodate all drivers, in order to support all types of simulation games. We also configure each accessory - base, steering wheel, pedals and vibration system - and install the drivers for each. Simulation games are then connected to these accessories. Before delivering your device to you, the assembly is checked and tested by a professional simracing pilot.

✔︎ Delivery Belgium / France
As soon as the assembly is finished, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to come and install the simulator at your home. The price of delivery in Belgium is included in the pack. For delivery in France, contact us by email. We will send you a price estimate, based on your location.

✔︎ Introduction to piloting
Once the simulator is installed, we proceed to adjust the seat and the pedals. We then train you in the use of the PC that controls the machine system. You then take control of your simulator and we introduce you to piloting. We train you in the basic maneuvers: trajectories, apex, braking and acceleration on different circuits and cars.

✔︎ Customizable pack
All our packs are customizable and adapted to your convenience and your tastes. If one of the accessories does not suit you, we always find how to adapt it: cockpit model, seat, colors and accessories, such as the steering wheel, pedals, etc.Do not hesitate to send us an email before placing the order to discuss your pack. We also invite you to come and test the simulators that we exhibit.

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