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Thrustmaster Rally Wheel Add-On Sparco® R383 Mod

Thrustmaster Rally Wheel Add-On Sparco® R383 Mod

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Enter the world of Sparco and rally competitions!
The ideal detachable steering wheel, 1/1 scale replica – 33 cm in diameter – for your Thrustmaster collection. Be ready to face all rally games. Thanks to its 360° circular shape, this steering wheel is also perfectly suited for GT racing games. To claim victory in esports competition, train with high-performance equipment

Box contents
1 detachable steering wheel for Thrustmaster T-series steering wheels, user guide and warranty information.


Compatible avec : T500 RS, T300RS – T300 Ferrari GTE, T300 Ferrari Alcantara – TX, TX LEATHER, TS-XW RACER, TS-PC RACER, T-GT
(Sold separately).


Keep your hands on the wheel: enter the world of Sparco and rally competitions!

Scale replica of the Sparco R383 steering wheel, officially licensed by Sparco
33 cm in diameter, black suede leather covering
Designed for rally games and other types of automotive competition (GT, NASCAR, road racing, etc.) Heavy-duty black brushed aluminum faceplate and sequential paddle shifters 2 large adjustable steering wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters (height 13 cm, 100% metal; contact key with a lifespan of more than 500,000 activations).

Carbon imitation button holders, inspired by rally cars, compatible with all platforms. 9 action buttons + 1 directional cross with push button.

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