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Simucube 2 Wheelbase PRO

Simucube 2 Wheelbase PRO

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Simucube 2 Wheelbase PRO, Lhe latest generation of the proven Simucube Wheelbase offers professional performance and features in a new compact design.

The PRO Model: couple 25NM, 22bit rotation sensor, 1 x 300W power supply, 450W "Peak-Power", net weight 11KG
Size including quick coupler approx 130 x 130 x 270mm, mounting 4 x M8 screws

  • Highest quality full metal housing
  • DUAL CPU for maximum computing power and precision signal processing
  • Passive cooling 
  • SWW - Support sans fil
  • NON incl. Quickrelease 
  • Revision 2 with longer 1.7m connection cable
  • Revision 2 now with 1 power supply
  • included power supply (1 power supply), cable, emergency stop
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