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Thrustmaster T150 RS PRO

Thrustmaster T150 RS PRO

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Thrustmaster T150 RS PRO Force Feedback Racing
Realistic wheel with competition-oriented design
T150 PRO 1080° force feedback steering wheel. The 150 PRO Force Feedback is the result of many years of experience and it combines our advanced technologies. Under official PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 licenses, it is also Windows compatible.

Base force feedback 1080°
Training with adjustable force feedback to feel all the details during the race (road relief, loss of grip, braking, shocks, etc.) Adjustable angle of rotation from 270° to 1080°! Very precise steering wheel: optical reading with 12 bits of resolution (i.e. 4096 values on the steering axis) Mixed belt + gear mechanism (more flexible, smoother and less noisy than helical gears) with axis on metal ball bearings (for more robustness)
Internal memory and possibility to update the firmware Robust and versatile fixing system, compatible with all supports (desks/tables/etc.)

3-pedal T3PA pedal set included
100% metal pedals and internal structure
Built-in conical rubber bumper
(with ultra-progressive hardness at the end of the brake pedal stroke)
3 fully adjustable pedals (in width, inclination and height)


PlayStation®4 certified embedded software and selector for PS4™/PS3™
Official on-board software for automatic steering wheel recognition by the PS4™ system


Compatible in system menu
Integrated selector for PS4™/PS3™ for optimal compatibility on the 2 systems. Compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8A* gearbox *Sold separately. Also PC compatible
PC compatibility (Windows 10/8/7/Vista) ensured thanks to Thrustmaster drivers downloadable from the site. They also make it possible to always have the latest firmware available for the steering wheel.

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