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Thrustmaster TS PC Race

Thrustmaster TS PC Race

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The Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer simulation wheel is a high-end, accomplished and high-performance model for discovering or rediscovering your favorite circuits. With its powerful force feedback and impeccable finish quality, don't play anymore, but live the race!

Impressive performance
The TS-PC Racer steering wheel is not to be put in all hands: its intensity is a challenge for users. Indeed, the force feedback is obtained via a 40 Watt industrial motor and allows realistic effects thanks to its dynamic torque, from long curves with a constant radius (LOCK mode) to ultra-nervous chicanes (DYNAMIC mode). The mechanism is not only powerful, but also very fast and responsive.

Managed by a double belt, it also provides fluidity and flexibility. The TS-PC Racer adds absolute precision to its power thanks to H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology™ magnetic sensor technology on the wheel steering. The steering wheel is thus ultra-precise with 16 bits of resolution for 65,536 values on the steering!

To fully promote the pleasure of driving sensations, the sequential gearbox benefits from large fixed paddles. They remain accessible at all times, without letting go of the steering wheel and even with the authorized 1080° of rotation (3 complete turns adjustable via motorized stop to choose the maximum angle of rotation according to the type of circuit and the car used).


The TS-PC is compatible only on PC 


A stunning finish
In addition to its performance, the TS-PC Racer steering wheel impresses with a quality finish. Metal is omnipresent, both for the gearshift paddles and for the steering wheel cover, while the latter is covered in suede for absolute comfort.

The base itself has a metal cover with a powerful cooling system, the MCE (Motor Cooling Embedded). The base is equipped with a fixing system to install your TS-PC in the desired location and thus enjoy its incredible performance!

The reactions of the car are faithfully transmitted, as well as the state of the track (even in its smallest imperfections). Now, it's your turn to play.

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