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Traction plus Platform

Traction Plus Platform

Traction Plus Platform

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Breathtaking realism and performance, incredible immersion and precision, superb technology, engineering and manufacturing…this is the Next Level Racing® Traction Plus Motion Platform.

The Traction Plus is truly a world-class product designed to finally bridge the gap between track/tarmac and simulation with a product and experience like no other motion simulator before it. The sliding concept and technology has only ever been seen before in top-level professional racing teams, often with budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Traction Plus was designed and developed in conjunction with a team of world-class motion engineers to deliver an unparalleled motion experience. To achieve ultimate realism and precision, this required totally unique technology and engineering with a product designed from scratch for over 4 years that includes over 2000 components. The platform was designed and developed solely for simulation, rather than just using commercial actuators and adapting to simulation. The Traction Plus is incredibly more than just a rear traction loss system and has been designed to be combined with the Motion Platform V3 to provide a revolutionary motion simulator experience.


  • Source d’Alimentation : 4A/115VAC, 2A/230VAC
  • Nominal Power: 321W
  • Protection class: I
  • Maximum Useful Charge: 235 Kg or 518 lbs
  • Ambient Temperatures: from -20° to +60°C
  • Full Performance Temperatures: +5°C to +35°C
  • Boulon direct sur tous les cockpits de Next Level Racing® GTtrack & Flight Simulator Pro
  • Product Weight – 108 kg or 238 lbs
  • Product Dimensions – 112 x 165 x 13 cm or 44 x 65 x 5 inches
  • Box Dimensions – Box 1 & 3: 115 x 54.5 x 14 cm or 45 x 21.45 x 5.5 inches
  • Box 2: 68 x 50 x 22.5 cm or 26 x 19 x 8.8 inches
  • Box Weight
  • Box 1: 46 kg or 101 lbs
  • Box 2: 26 kg or 57 lbs
  • Box 3: 46 kg or 101 lbs
  • Reference Numbers – NLR-T001A, NLR-T001B, NLR-T001C
  • Led lamps with customizable effects and colors
  • European manufacturing industry


  • Next Level Racing GTtrack
  • Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Pro (coming 2021)
  • Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 (Traction Plus is designed to be combined with Motion Platform V3 to provide a revolutionary motion simulation experience).
  • Third-Party or DIY Cockpits - As we have seen with the Motion Platform V3, many customers also have the ability to create custom adaptations to their cockpit. With the Traction Plus we expect to see the same with mounting holes on the top of the rig that users can adapt for use with their own cockpit.
  • As with the Motion Platform V3, we plan to offer adapters for cockpits from other brands.
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