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Thrustmaster T-GT

Thrustmaster T-GT

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The absolute racing wheel. 
The result of a collaboration between Thrustmaster and the creators of Gran Turismo, the Thrustmaster T-GT will give you a hyper-realistic driving experience to let you experience the ultimate simulation. With unique new technologies to feel all the behavior of vehicles, it will push your limits for sensations even closer to reality. Offering force feedback and a 1080° rotation angle, the base is equipped with an industrial brushless motor to create a realistic 3D perception of the environment.

An enriching driving experience. 
Several years of collaboration with Polyphony have resulted in the transmission of refined sensations in the steering column offered by the Thrustmaster T-GT. Together with the classic force feedback system, this exclusive system offers you an unprecedented driving experience. Indeed, feel the slightest bump or irregularity of the road surface as if you were there. As for the wheel, if the sensations and feelings are there, the Thrustmaster T-GT now allows drivers to be more reactive in adjusting their car's parameters during the race and in real time without losing a precious moment of driving. .

A unique feeling. Covered in a fine and supple leather texture, the Thrustmaster T-GT offers you maximum comfort during long hours of driving. With full equipment, you will find on the steering wheel four rotary selectors with push-button, two mini-sticks and metal sequential control paddles. As for the adjustable pedalboard, it has 3 metal pedals with a weight distribution inside the base that guarantees you stability during long sessions. The brake pedal offers progressive resistance while the accelerator and clutch pedals are adjustable in height and spacing for optimal customization.


• PC 
• PlayStation 4


Tailor-made engine. With 40 watts of force feedback and perfectly linear effects, the Thrustmaster T-GT steering wheel reproduces the behavior of the cars and the conditions on the track in infinite detail for an exact feeling as in reality. This allows you to anticipate and react more effectively to racing conditions with a more precise perception of your riding to help you break all records.

The T-40VE motor specifically designed, developed and manufactured by Thrustmaster incorporates a cooling system at the very heart of the motor, as well as more efficient heat dissipation. This combination ensures consistency of precision in the renderings of the T-GT observed over time to let you feel all the complexity of driving. 
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