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Asetek bases 18Nm Direct Drive

Asetek bases 18Nm Direct Drive

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This product is currently available for pre-order, with an estimated delivery time of 4-6 days. Do not hesitate to contact us to check its availability in store.

When we set out to develop our line of direct drive wheel bases, we wanted to create the best racing simulation wheel bases on the market, taking all the parameters into account, without breaking the bank. We had bigger ambitions than just reselling a standard industrial servo motor and then trying to fit everything around it. It was a tall order, but like our award-winning pedals and steering wheels, we started from scratch.

We have purchased and implemented intellectual property from market-leading suppliers, partnered with Mige, a well-known motor supplier in the racing simulation field, and after years of electronics development, from software, firmware, mechanics, cooperation, design, testing and validation, we are now ready! Allow me to introduce you to the Invicta™ 27Nm, the Forte® 18Nm, and the scalable La Prima™ 12Nm steering wheel bases.

True to the spirit of our other products, at Asetek SimSports® you will benefit from the same quality, durability, engineering excellence, and most importantly, the same user experience, whether you purchase our entry-level La Prima™ series or our premium Invicta™ products. Each 12-27Nm steering wheel base features a high-resolution 22-bit encoder, slip ring and electronics providing an unparalleled driving experience, leaving cogging and lagging as ancient history. All the essential parts are of course made of aluminum and steel.


Tech specs :
  • Magnificent and radical Danish industrial design 
  • Made in Denmark 
  • Anodized extruded aluminum housing 
  • Direct Drive Force Feedback 
  • Maximum torque of 18 Nm
  • Maximum scan speed: 6.7 Nm/ms
  • Encoder resolution: 22 bits / 0.000085 degrees / 4,000,000 steps 
  • 4x21 programmable RGB LEDs that can be adjusted, dimmed or turned off completely in Asetek SimSports® RaceHub™ 
  • Asetek SimSports® Quick Release 
  • Feed 400w 
  • Tested for more +200.000.000 rotations 
Software :
  • Configure and save profile presets - Customize your settings to suit your car, track and conditions 
  • Adjustments of force feedback parameters, steering wheel angle and more... 
Dimensions :
  • Height: 133mm 
  • Width: 132mm 
  • Longueur (Incl. Quick Release): 293mm 
  • Weight: 8.5kg
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