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Asetek Forte Formula Steering Wheel

Asetek Forte Formula Steering Wheel

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Inspired by real-life Formula cars, the Asetek Simsports® Formula Forte® steering wheel was painstakingly designed by drivers and simracers to replicate the feel of real-world driving, while incorporating feedback specific to racing simulation. With this and other feedback in mind, we started from scratch with a mission to create the best Formula racing wheel for sim racing, while remaining accessible. We are happy to introduce the Formula Forte® steering wheel!


The design was designed with the user experience in mind, where all adjustable elements are colored for quick, intuitive handling and above all without the need for specific tools. Forte simulation pedals are highly adjustable, allowing you to customize the stroke and harshness to your exact preferences. Using Asetek SimSports® RaceHub™ software, you'll be ready to race in no time.

The ergonomic handles are made with a soft and durable silicone rubber that is comfortable and easy to clean and disinfect. They will give you ultimate comfort and control whether you wear running gloves or not. You'll be able to easily change grips to quickly implement future upgrades, including color, size, shape, and hardness.

The front of the steering wheel is made from a 2mm woven carbon plate, providing a nice cover for all the buttons and switches.

With 128 individual input options, the Asetek Simsports® Formula Forte® steering wheel will allow you, through our RaceHub™, to customize and map all the buttons, switches, encoders and paddles you need to be at the top of your game. Featuring 12 push buttons, two two-position switches, two seven-position switches, three rotary encoders and six thumb encoders, you will be able to control all your desired parameters.

All buttons, switches and encoders are of the highest quality and have been fully tested and validated in our automated testing machines to ensure years and years of reliable daily use.

The reverse side includes, by default, two contactless shift paddles, for quick and smooth gear changes. The steering wheel can easily be upgraded to a dual clutch for perfect race starts, as well as two additional mappable paddles that can be used, for example, for easy overtaking and DRS activation. All paddles and associated mechanisms are, like the steering wheel frame itself, injection-moulded with an ultra-light and stiff carbon composite material.

The Forte® steering wheel features no fewer than 49 fully customizable ARGB LEDs, including RPM and flag indicators, allowing you to not only customize the look of your steering wheel, but also make those crucial split-second decisions that can make the difference between success and failure. The LEDs can of course be adjusted, dimmed, customized in color and mapped in RaceHub™, with many more features to come. Each button and LED can be clearly identified with the supplied sticker sheet, providing backlit marking for each function on your steering wheel.


- Exquisite, radical and minimalist Danish industrial design
- 49 programmable ARGB LEDs in total
- 15 ARGB LEDs for the regime
- 6 ARGB LEDs for the flags
- 12 ARGB LEDs for the buttons
- 12 push buttons, 2 two-position switches, 2 seven-position switches
- 3 twelve-position rotary encoders, 6 thumb encoders
- 2 contactless shift paddles by default, with possibility of upgrading
- Injection-reinforced carbon composite chassis with laser-engraved forged carbon structure
- 2mm woven carbon front face
- All adjustable mechanical elements are orange by default
- In-house developed electronics with 16-bit resolution and automotive-grade pressure sensor
- Possibility to upgrade to XL handles later
- Made in Denmark
- Easy-to-use, backlash-free quick release ensuring stable transmission of data and power without the use of cables, batteries or wireless signals.

Software Features

- Complete custom mapping of buttons, switches, encoders and paddles.
- Customizable diet indicators
- Pit lane control and speed limiter
- Night mode
- LED startup sequence
- Automatic connection detection


- Diameter of 290 mm with default configuration.
- Diameter of 294 mm with XL handles.
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