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GRIP SKY - Black/Red

GRIP SKY - Black/Red

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The Grip SKY office/gaming chair has been designed to guarantee maximum comfort and unmistakable style.

The specific style of the upholstery has been designed to have multi-material zones: the special VEP material, typically used on racing seats, is used on the head area and on the lumbar side parts of the backrest.

The VEP, being velcable, allows direct placement of all accessories (i.e. side lumbar supports, central lumbar support or ergonomic soft foam head pillow) without the need for rubber bands.

The other parts of the GRIP SKY are covered with the same synthetic leather used for aftermarket automotive products, which guarantees excellent resistance to wear. In addition to being easy to wash and clean with just a damp cloth, synthetic leather has excellent durability.

As in all Sparco office/gaming chairs, it is possible to adjust the height and inclination of the seat. The backrest, in addition to being reclining, also has micrometric lumbar adjustment.

Grip SKY office/gaming chair features anti-roll device with 150° backrest lock and SGS/BIFMAX5.1/EN1335 certified piston base, as well as rocking and tilting mechanism. a high strength polymer base with 5 strong wheels.

The arms are 2D type with multidirectional movement.

Warning: this seat must not be used in a car, it is not a car seat.
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