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Moza Racing Volant CS

Moza Racing Volant CS

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Moza Racing Volant CS

Made from fiber forged carbon, equipped with zero latency wireless technology, the CS Steering Wheel is both light and very strong.

  • Forged carbon fiber structure and shift paddles.
  • Size of 330mm for total immersion in the race.
  • Magnetic shift paddles. Non-contact photoelectric technology makes the pallets extremely reliable. For quick and responsive shifting.
  • Quick Release change steering wheel in seconds. The RS steering wheel uses a "quick release" system derived from systems in real racing cars. It ensures a stable connection without parasitic movement between the steering wheel and your Moza Racing base.
  • Manage your car during your races, with 15 programmable buttons, 2 joysticks and 2 buttons with 20 positions. When you press the buttons, they have an efficient mechanical movement. Even with gloves on, button presses are clearly felt.
  • Take advantage of the LED light strip for the ideal engine speed. This 10-piece LED strip can produce 256 RGB colors. LED timing and settings can be adjusted in the Moza app to suit individual needs.
  • In order to eliminate connection failures due to steering wheel rotations, the power supply and signal transmission use patented wireless technology developed by MOZA. This design eliminates the twisting of the wires by rotation of the flywheel, and ensures optimal performance over time.


  • Coating material: Add
  • Body and Plate Material: brushed aluminum alloy, forged carbon fiber
  • Shift Paddle Material: 3mm thick forged carbon fiber
  • Cut : 330mm 
  • Magnetic Shift Paddles: 2
  • Wheels (usable by pressure): 2
  • Universal Rocker (pressure usable): 2
  • Knock-Down (K/D) Method : D1 spec quick release
  • Pallet sensor: Non-contact photoelectric sensor
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