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Sim Pedals Ultimate+ Baseplate - Silver

Sim Pedals Ultimate+ Baseplate - Silver

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Since Sim Pedals Ultimate+ are able to withstand the forces exerted by real race cars, a solid attachment to your sim rig is absolutely necessary. If you don't want to mount the pedals directly to your platform but place them on a baseplate first, we offer an optional rigid mounting solution. These baseplates are designed to show absolutely no flex under load, yet retain some flexibility when it comes to positioning individual pedals.


Depending on your installation, you have the option of using the straight/parallel brackets or the angled brackets. Both types of support are supplied with each base plate. Angled mounts are specifically designed for rigs that are equipped with a proprietary pedal mounting plate that is angled toward the seat.

Our angled brackets angle the Sim Pedals Ultimate baseplate 15 degrees. This compensates for your rig's default plate tilt, creating a horizontal mounting platform for your Sim Pedals. If your vehicle has a reclined bottom bracket, this will also elevate the position of the pedals, improving ergonomics and giving a more realistic riding position where the bottom bracket and seat are at a higher level relative to each other. the other. The pictures show both types of supports, along with a diagram showing different seat positions and the correct type of support.

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