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NEW ButtKicker® Gamer PLUS®

NEW ButtKicker® Gamer PLUS®

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ButtKicker® Gamer PLUS® is the new and improved racing simulation and gaming haptic hardware that reproduces immersive, precise and powerful simulation racing, flight simulation and gaming effects, which speeds up your lap times and improves your gaming experience.

Get realistic, accurate feedback from any game: engine dynamics in a racing sim, gunshots in your favorite battle royale, or boss footsteps in a roleplaying game. All thanks to in-game audio.

Unlike a subwoofer that moves air (and loses precision and force), ButtKicker haptic transducers move real mass, producing powerful and precise tactile immersion.

Turn down or off your subwoofer and still experience all the feedback you want. It even works with headphones or a gaming headset - you don't have to make the room noisy to experience deep immersion in the game.

The ButtKicker Gamer PLUS Haptic Transducer easily attaches to standard center pole chairs and simulators with its durable Universal Clamp mounting mechanism or with additional mounting feet for more custom setups.

This complete Gamer PLUS system includes:

- One (1) ButtKicker Gamer PLUS haptic transducer with Universal Clamp mounting mechanism and integrated mounting feet.
- One (1) ButtKicker PLUS BKA-PLUS power amplifier
- Everything you need to attach the Gamer PLUS to your installation*.
*Mounting hardware is not included. Check with your simulator manufacturer if a ButtKicker mount is available.
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