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GRID-Q-SKY in leather

GRID-Q-SKY in leather

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The Sparco Grid Q Sky bucket seat embodies the pinnacle of engineering, fusing an advanced fiber structure with a flame-retardant skai (faux leather) covering, all integrated with ultra-lightweight technology. Meticulously designed to offer exceptional comfort and unrivaled safety, this seat guarantees optimal lateral support while preserving total freedom of movement in the shoulders. Padded cushions, repositionable with Velcro fasteners, make it easy to adjust the riding position to suit different drivers.

This Grid Q Sky seat is approved according to the strictest standards, benefiting from patented Sparco technology. In addition to its comfort and safety, it also offers the possibility of installing harnesses for additional fixation, thus ensuring maximum stability when driving.

Whether you are a seasoned driver or a racing simulation enthusiast, the Sparco Grid Q Sky bucket seat is the ideal option to equip your racing vehicle or driving simulator. With its combination of cutting-edge technology, comfort and safety, it will allow you to push your limits on the track or on the screen, with complete confidence.
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