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Qubic System QS-220-PL - 2 Cylinders

Qubic System QS-220-PL - 2 Cylinders

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Innovative technology, a modular and compact design, as well as extremely quiet operation make the QS-220-PL a perfect motion base not only for professional applications but also for private users in different types of cockpits. Additional sets of QS-220-PL can be configured as a 2 and 4 Cylinder system.

The QS-220-PL introductory kit, consisting of two Jacks, an electrical box and a motion controller (QS-MC6), is the perfect solution for all pilots who are starting their adventure with simracing and who want to enter the virtual world of competition or who need a Motion Systems as their first motion platform.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of the Qubic System brand is the ability to seamlessly expand the motion system with an additional actuator kit, quickly and easily creating extraordinary and original motion cockpits in a 3DOF or even 6DOF configuration with specially designed additional accessories.

By using the dedicated Qubic Manager software, the user can use multiple sets to create the most realistic simulation. lifelike that reacts immediately to on-screen situations to deliver a real-life experience in gaming or VR apps or VR apps.

Points forts

Maximum speed: 800 mm / s
Maximum acceleration: 0.8 G
Actuator stroke: 100 mm
Latency: <8ms
Maximum command frequency: 1000 Hz
Vibration frequency range: 0-100Hz


  • Proudly made in the EU: Engineering, design and manufacturing in Poland
  • Super quiet - extremely quiet operation
  • Used by racing drivers and professional drivers around the world.
  • Superior ecosystem for personal and commercial applications
  • Supported by the dedicated software QubicManager: movement adjustment, movement post-processing, complete diagnosis or simple and fast use of predefined profiles.
  • Support for HeadWay VR technology (compensation for the harm of VR)
  • Built-in and supported over 80 racing and flying games
  • Compatible with professional simulation applications - Motion SDK (FSMI or FSDI) for software developers.

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