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DC clutch pedal

DC clutch pedal

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DC clutch pedals (made in Spain) are made of 3mm diameter stainless steel.

  • Made of class 304 satin stainless steel.
  • Dustproof ball bearings on the shaft.
  • Maintenance-free hall magnetic sensor.
  • 3D printing in PLA of the hall sensor support and the spring guide.

Adjusted by hand with calibration washers forming a rigid and free-play assembly. With fast response and the precision of the magnetic sensor.

The tread is height adjustable from 22.5cm to 27cm allowing for a custom fit. It allows an inclination of its vertical part of 15 o, modifying the screws at the back.

The pedal system works by pressing down on its trajectory, where at some point the rear rocker rotates on its axis and reduces the pressure on the foot.

Notice a sunken area similar to a car clutch. With a pretended square wire spring (return spring) that allows to adjust the hardness with the preload piece, and its stroke by performing a short and quick movement of the clutch.

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