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Qubic System - QS-S25

Qubic System - QS-S25

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The QS-S25 is an advanced motion cockpit, designed for the most demanding racers looking for a high level professional simulation experience. The motion system based on patent-pending linear actuator technology allows for a much stronger range of sensations such as understeer, loss of grip or overload during braking clearly blurs the difference between reality and the virtual environment. Through the combination of dedicated accessories and QubicManager software, the 6DoF motion platform provides drivers with an extreme experience like in a real race or during the ultimate flights.

The QS-S25 consists of 6 degrees of freedom (surge, sway, heave roll, pitch and yaw) which determine the position and motion of a rail car. The combination of the motion system's high-precision technology with the features of QubicManager guarantees a perfect reflection of the situations in the selected game. Additionally, the impressive dynamics and high performance of the QS-S25 motion system means that racing simulation has never been higher.

The original machine design based on modular and reconfigurable actuator assemblies can be used in a variety of race or flight applications. The compact design and small footprint fits mid-sized game rooms, virtual reality centers, and training facilities for professional drivers.

Not included transport costs. The price refers only to the QS-25 motion rig set. The prize does not contain peripherals such as: PC computer, game or simulation software, add-ons, accessories and mounting brackets.


  • Used by professional race car drivers and racers around the world
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE EU: Designed, engineered and manufactured in Poland
  • Superior ecosystem for personal and commercial applications
  • Supported by dedicated software QubicManager
  • Support for HeadWay VR technology (VR sickness compensation)
  • Built-in and supported over 80 racing and flying games
  • Compatible with professional simulation applications - Motion SDK (FSMI or FSDI) for software developers
  • Easy to transport: assembly on site from the main components
  • Easy to adapt to third-party cockpits


The QS-S25 is transported in a specially adapted transport box.
Box dimensions: 190 cm x 190 cm x 128 cm / 74.8 in x 74.8 in x 50.4 in


  • QS-S25 Motion Platform
  • ForceSeatPM Platform Manager Software Download
  • USB and power cables
  • Nuts and bolts required for assembly
  • Product Manual



Architecture : 6DOF
Charge utile : 250 kg | 551 lb
Product weight: 350 kg | 772 lbs.
Total width 1820mm | 72"
Total length 1580mm | 62"
Minimum height 960 mm | 38 po


Power requirements: 230V 50-60HZ
Average Power (Watts): 199
Average power (VA): 2114.53
Peak current (A): 8.84

Power Requirements: 120V 50-60HZ
Average Power (Watts): 238
Average power (VA): 2160.31
Peak current (A): 17.45


Even the most advanced hardware is nothing without good software. QubicManager powered by Motion Systems company is professional and specialist software for the platform and is compatible with all major PC racing and flying titles and constantly updated to support new applications as they arise. are published. Provides the user with options for motion tuning, motion post-processing, in-depth diagnostics, or easy and quick use of predefined profiles.

Built-in and supported more than 80 racing and flying games.

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