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Res-Tech X1 Formula Cockpit

Res-Tech X1 Formula Cockpit

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SimBelgium has just taken the next step by joining forces with the new simulator brand RES-TECK, an Italian brand whose managers are Simone and Mattia Pasini (Moto GP).

The reputation of excellence of Italian designers is well established. They have long since elevated automotive design to the rank of art. By concentrating their talents in the realization of automobile simulators, they once again prove their virtuosity. The streamlined shape of the cockpits displays great purity and, once seated at the controls, you instantly feel new sensations.

Thanks to the cockpit that follows the extension of your body, you become one with the machine, having the perception of a closed cockpit. Our new simulators immerse you in the world of the racing driver and make you vibrate at the same tempo as a real racing car!

Always in line, RES-TECH creates the platform to install the most efficient cylinders in the world. The quality of their innovations remains unmatched today and no brand can compete with them. The system from Qubic System (QS-220-PL) further optimizes realism to ensure the purest immersion.

Come and test the RES-TECH range in our simulation center without further delay, you will not come out unscathed!

  • Made in Italy 
  • Red color
  • Carbon monocoque seat
  • Slide to adjust seat position
  • Structure of the aluminum frame of different thicknesses
  • Central steering column adjustable on x-y-z
  • Design cover in thermoformed ABS.
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