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SIMBELGIUM offers you turnkey solutions and makes it available to you for any small or large-scale car simulator CENTER project in order to fully carry out your projects.

Roberto & Calogero, the founders of the company SIMBELGIUM, specialized in the manufacture, assembly and assembly of complete packs of automotive simulators. Our offer is aimed at individuals as well as professionals and we have developed a service specifically intended for simracing centers.

Do not hesitate to contact us to define your project. We welcome you to our simracing center where we offer training. You will learn how to better use the simulators by discovering the subtleties and tricks of our equipment. ROBERTO +32 (0) 486 13 65 44 - Email: 


We offer assembly, installation and commissioning of a fleet of simulators on your premises. This turnkey solution saves you technical considerations and allows you to focus on the business development of your simracing center.

Together we study the size of your simulator fleet and work on the choice of machines and software. We have a very wide choice of type of driving, ranging from GT to Rally via Formula 1. They are coupled with a range of prestigious circuits from all over the world. We have static or dynamic simulators.

Once you have made your choice, the SIMBELGIUM technical team sets about assembling your machines. After having tested and configured them in our premises, we deliver them to your simracing center. We take care of setting them up and you benefit from training to know how they work.

Our simulators

High-end simulators for the greatest satisfaction of your customers
Our packs are thought out and designed to offer your customers high-tech equipment, reproducing the conditions of a race for total immersion and confusing realism. We work with a multitude of designers and manufacturers of spare parts, in order to have a huge choice and provide you with the best for each element: adapted seat, chassis, dedicated screens, pedals, steering wheel, compatible PC, etc.

Our machines are designed for intensive use which corresponds to the operation of a simracing center. Their resistance has been tested and proven upstream, by the manufacturers of course, but also by ourselves, within our simracing center in Merchtem. We select the best components for a qualitative experience, while guaranteeing the longevity of the machines.  


Give your customers the best simracing experience, with a simplified start-up Revolutionary simulator starter software!
In order to offer the best to its customers, SIMBELGIUM integrates revolutionary simulator launch software into its turnkey solution.

When you receive your customer, he chooses his circuit and his car, as well as his driving time. Thanks to our software, you remotely start the simulator that you have assigned to your client. Thus, the operation is facilitated, for the comfort of all: you do not need an operator dedicated to this task and you eliminate all waiting times.

As soon as your customer has finished registering at the reception, he can take his place on his simulator, ready to start. This automation also works for a group of customers who will use several simulators simultaneously.

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