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Simagic Alpha Mini 10 Nm Direct Drive

Simagic Alpha Mini 10 Nm Direct Drive

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This product is currently available for pre-order, with an estimated delivery time of 4-6 days. Do not hesitate to contact us to check its availability in store.

Direct Drive technology is now the standard in the world of Simracing.

Today, Simagic offers us an Alpha Mini to meet all the expectations of a beginner or experienced Simracer. Its servomotor, with a maximum torque of 10 Nm and a minimum static force of 0.01 Nm, will allow you to feel the entire world of your favorite simulation with an unprecedented feeling on this range of steering wheels.
Its design with a CNC machined aluminum case (aviation technology which makes one-piece manufacturing possible) provides excellent rigidity to the chassis and the most faithful transmission of forces.

The Alpha family benefits from the best response time and inertia on the market. The Apha mini and its quick release system allow you to quickly change all the steering wheels in the Simagic range.

This new generation of force feedback motors will offer you unprecedented authenticity.


  • Maximum torque of 10 Nm
  • Connexion WLAN 2,4 GHz 
  • Design compact optimisé (110 x 167 mm) 
  • Advanced configurations via Alpha Manager 
  • Dedicated AI for force feedback optimization
  • Advanced compatibility with Simagic peripherals (sequential gearbox, pedal, handbrake, etc.)
  • Calculation of up to 40,000 force feedback frequencies per second 
  • Data transmission up to 1 kilohertz
  • Exclusive tuning for drift and rally modes
  • Minimum static force of 0.01 Nm 
  • PC compatible only
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