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Simagic Shifter DS-8X H/SQ

Simagic Shifter DS-8X H/SQ

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Discover the Simagic Q1S, the little brother of the famous Q1, a lightweight version that offers the essentials of a sequential gear lever with a neutral shift control. Designed especially for our driving simulators, the Simagic Q1S allows you to experience all the sensations of a sequential mechanical gearbox. Thanks to its hardness-adjustable cam system, you can adjust the mechanical feel of the gear change according to your preferences.


- Aluminum construction: The housing and lever are made entirely of aluminum, guaranteeing exceptional strength and durability.

- Two operating modes: You can switch from sequential mode to H-shifter mode with a single gesture, providing maximum flexibility for your driving experience.

- H-box mode: This mode offers 8 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed. A gear lock system under the lever ensures that gears 7, 8 and reverse are not engaged by mistake, increasing the realism of your experience.

- Adjustable resistance: The resistance of the gear shift is adjustable, allowing you to customize the feel of each gear change according to your preferences.

- Customization: Choose from several available gear knob types to customize the look and feel of the shifter to suit your tastes.

- Dimensions: The Simagic Q1S measures 170mm x 102mm x 264.5mm, making it a compact and functional addition to your flight simulator.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience an immersive and realistic driving experience with the Simagic Q1S. Whether you are a racing simulation enthusiast or a seasoned driver, this sequential shifter will meet your needs by offering high-level performance and optimal customization. Enjoy every turn, every gear change, and feel the road like never before with the Simagic Q1S.
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